Anyone who knows me well knows that I love the singer and song writer Steven Curtis Chapman. I have grown up listening and memorizing every word to every one of his songs (thanks Dad). His music has helped me through some of my highest mountains and deepest valleys. One of my earliest memories is of my Dad and I riding in his little red pickup truck listening (and singing at the top of our lungs) to the song “Great Adventures” on cassette with the windows rolled all the way down. Recently I finished reading his book… after several months of reading. Normally I am not like this, but the very first time I went to England I left my first copy of the book in the IAH airport having read only four chapters… I guess someone needed it then more than I did. Anyway, my dad bought me another copy of the book for Christmas and I spent the first few weeks of January poring through it. It was amazing to go back and learn the inspiration behind the songs that I know and love.

One of my (too many) favorite Steven Curtis Chapman songs is “Yours.”

“Its all yours, God, yours, God.

Everything is yours

From the stars in the sky,

to the depths of the ocean floor

Its all yours, God, yours, God.

Everything is yours

You’re the maker and keeper

Father and ruler of everything

Its all yours”

The chorus is full of the reminder that EVERYTHING is truly his. The verses talk about various countries all across the globe, and there are two things that are the same about every place: they are all broken and they are all His. No matter how far we go from God we are still on His turf. We cannot escape him. He created everything, including you and I. I have been many places on mission and I can confirm that the world is very broken. In the midst of the darkness, we can declare Jesus Christ, the only one who can save. The extent of Gods possession doesn’t just stop with the physical. No matter how far you go away from God mentally, spiritually, or emotionally, you are still His and He will always take you back. Its extremely comforting to know this truth that is so boldly proclaimed in this song.

I will continue to listen to this song as I journey back to England for a quick trip. I am leaving on Friday (Lord and stand-by willing), and will be in England in time to go to church on Sunday. Now that I am well rested and fully prepared to share Gods love, I cannot be more excited to go back. Pray that God will continue to teach me during these few weeks. He has continually reassured me that I am doing the right thing and taking the right steps. Pray that He will continue to give me clear direction. I can’t wait to keep telling y’all about my journey! I pray that my journey has been able to give you encouragement in some way.

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