About the Ministry

Youth Ministry at Betel

Over the past 2 years, I have spent significant amounts of time in Croatia seeking God’s plan, forming relationships, and laying the foundations for ministry. I have partnered with a local church called Betel where we will be starting a youth ministry. Through things like weekly Bible studies, discipleship, a youth worship band, VBS, summer camp, and serve opportunities, we hope to see souls won for Christ. I want to challenge the youth of Croatia to step into a relationship with God and grow in their faith so they can be equipped to then share the Gospel. I believe young generations have a big impact on the world’s culture. If we begin a transformation in the young generations, we will see a culture full of passion for Christ.

I am currently in the process of raising prayer and financial support so that this ministry can begin! I have seen God’s abundant faithfulness over and over, and I trust that He will work through this ministry!

“Vibrant youth ministry where Croatians hear the Gospel, grow in their faith, and make more disciples.”