Satisfied in Him

It has been a very long time since I have posted on my blog. I have many posts at different levels of completion sitting in my drafts, however none feel complete because I continue to work on them as I learn. Since I have moved to Croatia, I feel like I have learned a lot about many different things rather than one particular area. Because of this, it can be difficult to describe how God has been moving in my life since there has been many different types of lessons.

In Genesis when God created all of Creation, He called His work “very good.” He was satisfied with the work He had accomplished. Satisfaction with what God is doing can be a challenge. We have expectations of what we want God to do through us, and if He doesn’t do what we want we become discontented. Often we place God in a “box” looking for Him to accomplish something we have specifically designed for Him to do. Rather than watching in anticipation we instead choose to be discontented (or completely miss) with the ways He is moving.

I have found serving in full time ministry extremely challenging. I have expectations and plans of how God will move, yet sometimes I find myself disappointed at God’s lack of meeting my expectations. Most often my disappointment comes from not seeing God moving. I become impatient. Rather than actively looking for unique ways God is moving, I loose hope that things will change. This spiral deceives me into thinking that God is guilty for my lack of contentment. What a prideful trap for my heart to fall into! Despite God not doing what I expect, if He is satisfied with what He is doing, how much more should I be satisfied and marvel at what He is doing? My plans and expectations must come after seeking His will! In God’s will there is satisfaction that brings everlasting joy.

Satisfaction and contentment come hand in hand. When we allow God to define our satisfaction, we will then become content wherever He puts us because we understand His will is perfect. I have learned that being satisfied with what I am doing will never lead to contentment. There will always be things I cannot do. However when I change my satisfaction to match what God has been doing through me, then I will live a life content in all situations. If God is satisfied with His work, I will also be satisfied with His work.

I am so grateful for God’s never ending grace for my sinful heart. While I sometimes do not feel quenched with satisfaction in the way He is moving, I continually pray that I will be content in the way He is moving in my life and here in Croatia.

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