Abundant Life

Seems like quite a cheery title for such a dark time.

Yeah it might be a cheery title, but here’s the thing- Corona virus or not, we have abundant life in Jesus. Despite the chaos that is going around us we can still choose to define our life in Jesus Christ. We mustn’t let the world around us define our life, because if we do that, we will always have a very bleak outlook. When we let anything besides Jesus define any aspect of our life, we quickly become overcome with the darkness that is outside of Jesus.

Where there are difficulties, there is often discouragement. I recently found a quote in a book I am reading by Doug Fields that has encouraged me during a time rampant with discouragement and worry.

“The depth of your discouragement

is defined by

the depth of your spiritual life

Discouragement is something that often leads to discontentment, isolation, and selfishness. It can lead to an attitude that says “look at me I am discouraged” or “nothing will EVER make me better” or “IF ONLY this were different.” It is a very inward an difficult path. Rather than looking horizontally, I believe we should instead look vertically. When we look to the Lord to help us through our discouragement, we will likely find the help we need. When we seek out the Lord through things like spiritual disciplines, we find the one who is perfect and is making us holy. When our sole focus is on him, our soul sees the benefits.

When we choose to look past our own situation and focus on the Lord and his perfection, we discover that he is the one who gives abundant life. When we seek the Lord earnestly rather than looking to our own situation, we find that he supplies us with endless peace and joy that ultimately results in an abundant life.

I wanted to give an illustration of what abundant life looks like even in the midst of hardship, so I had a photo session in a storm… these were the results.

During this time I have been listening to lots of music, and I was reminded of one of my favorite songs from my favorite artist: “Do Everything” by Steven Curtis Chapman. (There’s a video below) Besides wanting to get up and dance every time I hear it, the truths in this song are overwhelming. Here is my challenge for this blog post. Do everything you are doing (yes even in the confinement of your home) for his glory. If you’re making a cup of coffee, do it for the Lord. If you are on a video call with your best friend, do it for the Lord. Do everything, even if it seems insignificant, for his glory and watch as your outlook on your situation changes.

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