The Beginnings

The Interview

Last week I had the opportunity to go to Pennsylvania to meet with Fellowship International Mission (FIM). This is a mission board that I am praying God would use to help me get to Croatia. My talks with them went very well, and I am very pleased at how they went. I believe I represented myself well. Something I wanted to be sure to do was to be completely honest with the reality of my situation. I want them to understand who I am and what my needs are.

I am very excited about the future with FIM and am planning to attend their orientation class in June. In the meantime, I am waiting to see what God does! FIM gave me very practical steps to take in pre-fundraising to make the process easier when it comes to fundraising in June! The advice that they offered will help me develop my prayer and financial support team. They gave me many resources like reading materials and organizational software to help me fundraise.  Starting this now will allow me to get to the field as quickly as possible while having the foundation I need so that I can be fully equipped and ready for ministry.

One thing that I really like about FIM is their missionary-minded ministry. While I was there I felt welcomed as a person, not just a number or statistic. They took time to get to know me and hear stories about me. I saw genuine concern for individual missionaries that may not have been cared for in other organizations. They also spent time praying for me, and each member of the FIM team took a different prayer request from me to pray specifically for.

Being at FIM last week reminded me of Gods perfect timing. While there, I realized that I was there exactly when God wanted me to be. Had I gone to the orientation class earlier this year, I would have missed out on the opportunity to go to Croatia this summer. This summer in Croatia has been extremely influential on my ministry and has opened doors for ministry in Croatia. If I had gone to orientation in June, I would not have met Milos, the pastor of the church in Sisak. If I had gone to orientation in June, I wouldn’t have developed a friendship with Maja. If I had gone to orientation in June, I wouldn’t have met Ellen. The list continues on and on. There are so many amazing thing that God did this summer that wouldn’t have happened if I had decided to visit FIM earlier this year. Thank God for revealing his goodness in timing!

Please be praying for me. Pray that he would guide me in these next few months while I wait for June to come. Pray that he would use me during this time in whatever he calls me to do. Pray that he would guide me to show me how to use this time. Additionally I want to invite you to pray about your role in helping me get to Croatia. Ask God if he is calling you to support me prayerfully and financially. If you believe God is calling you to support me please contact me so we can talk about what that looks like. Finally continue to pray for the youth that will come to the ministries happening in Sisak and that God would open their hearts to receive the gospel.

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