Hush now Gregory

One of my favorite funny videos is a short clip where a tortoise and chicken have a brief dialogue. You might have to watch it a few times to understand what is going on, it goes by fast. Check it out:

Tortise: This is so dumb

Chicken: The higher I am the better I can see

Tortise: You can… you can fly…

Chicken: Hush now Gregory I am searching

For me, this is the peak of comedy, and recently I was watching it when it struck me: this is such a great analogy for those who are looking for Gods plan! I find myself playing the tortoise. Telling God “Ok its time for you to show me your plan now! You’re higher than me! You can see the things I can’t see! Go ahead and tell me!” while God is patiently playing the chicken saying “Emily, relax. It’s all in my timing. Everything is being worked for your good. Trust me!” This realization from a six second clip made me laugh and laugh because it is so accurate!! So often we can focus on the unknowns in life, where we are going to go to college, how we are going to get our next paycheck, or for me what country do I minister to next, that we loose sight of the things God is doing behind the scenes. He is preparing great things for us, we just have to be patient and “hush” our desperate cries to the Lord.

Lately I have been patiently waiting on the Lord for his timing, but I have definitely been in the “anxiously awaiting” category. I can’t exactly explain how this peace has come to my friends who are in the “anxiously awaiting” category. All I can say is that God has always come through for me. Everything has fallen into place so many times that I can only describe it as God. So I trust him now to lead my life and that has given me complete peace. Its so relieving to not have to worry about everything. It truly is all in God’s hands.

As for now I am still in America working with FIM to continue the application process. I will hopefully be returning back to Croatia soon so that I can begin my work for the summer. I can’t wait to see how he moves in the hearts of everyone I will come in contact to this summer. Please be praying for God to open doors and open hearts. Thank you for all the continued support!

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