Croatia 2019

A Little Further East

Yes you read that title correctly! Next Wednesday I’m heading a little further east. What does that mean? I’M GOING BACK TO CROATIA!!!!!

I will be flying out from Newcastle at 6 A.M. and landing in Croatia in the early afternoon! In Croatia, I will be spending time with various people including my friends from previous trips. The main purpose for my visit is to meet a woman named Maja. She runs AWANA programs in a town called Petrinja which is close to Sisak. I am hoping that through meeting her, I will be able to start working with the youth in Croatia.

I got this far in writing my blog post but then I had to take a 15 minute break because it started snowing and I had to go run around in it… I was very excited.

Anyway, I am very excited at the opportunities that this trip to Croatia could bring. At this point, I do not have a return date. Right now, I am moving at the Lords timing and going one step at a time. For a little while when I am in Croatia, I will be house hopping between a few of my friends homes! The unplanned is usually out of my comfort zone, but I am learning to be comfortable in the uncomfortable.

As always, the kids are sad to see me leaving, and I will miss them dearly. I know I will be back to Gateshead, but I don’t know when! The kids have improved so much over the past three weeks in their music. Every time I come back I am amazed at how quickly they pick up music. All the piano students have advanced further in their musical knowledge, and the guitars have learned 5 new songs! I couldn’t be more proud of them!

As I walk into another section of my story, I would appreciate all prayers! Please pray that I will have peace about the unknown future, that I will rest in the busyness, and that God will open the hearts of the people I encounter.

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