Hello 2019

Its been awhile since I have posted. The end of 2018 was wonderfully busy. The week before Christmas, my family flew over to England to spend Christmas with me! That same week was super busy at the church. Not only were we getting ready for the Christmas Concert, but we were also getting ready for our Christmas Eve service and dinner. As the kids eagerly awaited my familys arrival, they were busy practicing and finalizing their concert pieces. The guitars played 8 Christmas tunes, there were 6 piano soloists, and one guitar soloist. The Christmas concert was filled with wonderful singing and I was so proud of the kids hard work. The next day was Christmas Eve and my family and I spent the whole day decorating and cooking for the evening.


Having my family in England for Christmas was such a blessing. Not only were they able to help serve at the church, but they were able to meet the people I have spent the last few months with. The church members enjoyed meeting my family, and my family enjoyed meeting the church members. My sister has been adopted by the kids into our friend group. Before I left England, I set up a fun day for the kids where we did full rehearsal for the concert and had fun activities. In England making slime is a very difficult thing to make since borax is hard to get (at least that is what the kids told me). So I had my family bring a box of borax and on our fun day we made slime!

The kids loved (and were slightly disgusted by) the slime. Giving them little treats like this makes my heart happy. Their joyful smiles are contagious. The kids have made me laugh, cry, and see life from a new perspective. They are all uniquely created by our God and He loves them very much. Every time I am around them I am reminded of this. Loosing any one of these kids would change the group dynamic so much, and I thank God every day that these kids have each other to rely on. DSC_0056.JPGI will be back in the States until mid-February. While I am here I will spend my time taking more online classes, seeing friends, and planning what the summer will look like. I will also be helping in leading worship at a youth camp in late January. As I wait to head back over to Europe, I am reminded of the fact that God has me where I am for a reason. I know that January is going to be amazing because God is with me here just like He is with me in Europe. Right now, I have work to do in the States, so here I am Lord. Use me. dsc_0275

In 2019 my goal is to follow God wherever He takes me asking no questions. I want the sole purpose of my life to be to praise God for all that He is. He is our maker, our comforter, our rock, our life. I have asked Him to show me what to do next. Recently I was praying and laughed when I asked Him to show me the next step because He has always revealed His plan two weeks before it takes place. He will show me in His timing. I learned that a over and over again in 2018. It just takes patience. 2019, I’m ready for another adventure!

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