I have been thinking about differences a lot lately. Certainly, being in another country for an extended period of time will make you notice differences, however I am talking about life differences. Internal, not external. My life looks so different than the average American teenager. I am not at a traditional college, I am not seeing my friends everyday, and I am not earning a degree so I can go out and make lots of money. My life looks different than I ever could have imagined and yet it is the differences that makes it so exciting.

I am however, struck by one particular difference- the difference that Jesus makes in a life. Without Jesus life has no purpose. Without Jesus there is nothing to live for. Without Jesus there is no standard on how to live. Without Jesus life is a wreck. The difference that Jesus makes in my life is overwhelming. Without Him, I wouldn’t be meeting so many amazing people all across the world. Without Him, I wouldn’t have any joyful songs to sing. Without Him I wouldn’t be where I am today. The difference that Jesus makes in a life is so great, that it can only be described as unending joy.

It is because of Jesus that my life has been so different. Because of Him I have hope for the future. My heart has changed to understand people from different walks of life. Without Jesus, I could not offer compassion, hope, encouragement, and joy to those surrounding me. I want to be so different that people stop and take notice. I want to be different so the Lord is glorified in a world full of brokenness. There is a song called “Different” by Micah Tyler, and it has been my prayer. “I want to be different, I want to be changed, ‘Til all of me is gone, and all that remains, is a fire so bright, the whole world can see, that there’s something different, so come and be different, in me.” I believe these words are possible. God is making me different, so the whole world can see.

Lord, help me be different. Use me in ways I can’t possibly imagine. Come inside me and continually renew my spirit and give me strength to follow you. Set me apart so the world will look and ask “why is she like that?”. Thank you for all that you have done and and are doing. I love you Lord.


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