Derwentwater Road

Working at the church on Derwentwater Road has been amazing. I have been surrounded by people that have uplifted my spirits and taught me many valuable lessons. This week we continued decorating the church, and preparing for our Christmas concert. Christmas decorations make for fun photos. 47390001_294010054568785_4072896106449600512_n

Last Sunday the two bus stops outside our church were victim of severe vandalism where all the glass was broken. When we arrived to church for worship on Sunday morning and we were all amazed to find the church totally unharmed. We were surprised at the fact that whoever vandalized the bus stops, wouldn’t vandalize the church also. 47572398_572245699882310_4210967218978029568_n (1)

To remember the goodness of our Lord, my uncle took this photo. It reminds us that in the midst of a broken world, our God is protecting us. He is bigger than anything that tries to harm us. He promises to care for His children, and this photo is evidence of it. This photo inspired me to create an art piece for the church. A few days after the vandalism took place, I went out to our bus stop and collected some of the broken glass from the ground. With this glass I pieced together all the brokenness and created a cross. This cross reminds me that in the midst of our brokenness, our God loved us enough to die for us. He mends our brokenness and creates something beautiful. He recklessly died for broken people purely because He loves us. This art piece symbolizes that.


God has a purpose for every broken piece. He is using everyone for His purpose, despite our sharp edges. We are hanging the cross in the church as a reminder of His goodness.

The theme for Christmas at Gateshead Evangelical Church this year is Adore. Adoring God in the midst of this crazy season can be challenging. Christmas, which is one of the busiest times of the year, is for the sole purpose of praising God. He sent His son here to die for us, and it is during this time we celebrate it. Unfortunately because this time of the year can be so busy, we can forget that. I challenge you to remember to Adore God with us. Adore Him in every way that you can think of. I hope that you will join us in Adoring Him this year, because He uses you, in the midst of your brokenness.

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