The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This week has been busier than ever! Not only did I start a new class in my schooling, but I was tasked with beginning Christmas preparations at the church. I have been busily been decorating, searching for music, and writing a Christmas concert script. The week has been full of Christmas-themed music lessons, and we already have 15 Christmas songs that are being worked on for the Christmas Concert (with more to come!). The Christmas Concert is sure to be a beautiful service of worship for our newborn king.

My time back in England has been filled with plenty of joyful hugs, laughter, and smiles. The girls have been so happy to have me back! When I came back to England, I brought back 57 pounds of American candies to try. On Saturday we had a “family dinner” which consisted entirely of sugar-filled treats. The most traumatic candy they tried was red hots, which can be very spicy if not expecting it. The video of the kids trying red hots is absolutely priceless. All of the kids enjoyed trying Goldfish, however they all agreed that they would be better without salt (what??). The entire day was full of conversations about culture and differences between various parts of the world.

This week I am looking forward to driving to Scotland on Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. In addition to baking pies for Thanksgiving, my aunt and I have been preparing and decorating the house to host 15 kids at our home on Sunday. After church, we will take the train from Gateshead to Sunderland and we will spend the afternoon doing all kinds of fun things at the house. My aunt and I have been busily decorating every inch of the house since this will act as the Christmas Party for the kids. Amongst all the Christmas planning and decorating, I have been working hard on a new class that I started in college, and this has made my schedule even more busy. This week, I am tasked with writing a 1000 word essay analyzing the rhetoric of an assigned article. It’s big fun- not.

I would like to ask for prayer for the busyness of my schedule. With everything that needs to be done, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and stressed. However, when I take a moment to step back, I realize that the purpose of everything on my schedule is to bring glory to God. The Christmas songs, the decorations, the friendships are all things that will bring glory to God. Pray that I will remember the purpose for this busyness, and that I will not be caught up in the logistics. You can also be praying for the kids that they will realize that the concert is not about them, it is about praising Him. Pray that they would become completely dependent on the Lord and not on me, because He can save them, and I cannot.

I pray that you have a very Happy Thanksgiving if you are in America, and for the rest of the world Merry Christmas!

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