Surprise! I am writing this post from England! Yes I have a cup of tea next to me, don’t worry. These past few weeks has been crazy and you may be thinking “What? She was just getting over the fact that she wasn’t in England. She was finally being patient with the Lord,” yeah it’s a crazy story let me catch you up to speed.

When I wrote my last blog post I was learning that the Lord does not work in my timing because He knows what is best for me (even if I really want my way). After I finally surrendered my time frame to the Lord, He said “Okay thank you Emily, you can go back now!” God certainly has a sense of humor. Since being back in the States, I had been working as a data entry person and I was reaching a lull in the data. It was through conversations with my family in Houston and in England that an opportunity to come back to Gateshead arose. My heart is full of joy at the opportunity to come back and worship with my kids. The first day I was in England, they had no idea that I was here. I hid in the manse next to the church for several hours while the kids gathered inside. When I walked into the room where my kids were, the room exploded with shouting, running, and smiles as they rushed to give me hugs. I ended up on the floor with ten kids tackling me in hugs. It was such a sweet joy-filled moment that I will always treasure.

This week in music lessons we are beginning to prepare music for a Christmas concert that the church will host. I am very excited about the event because I LOVE CHRISTMAS SO MUCH!! In addition to the concert preparations I am helping my Aunt begin decorating the house and the church for Christmas (Thanksgiving WHO?)! There is so much happening so quickly and I am learning that following God’s plan for my life means being led blindly. I have never been able to see farther than three weeks into my future since deciding to begin this journey. Being led in blind faith is exhilarating and scary all at the same time. Being willing to do whatever He asks of us is a big part of faith. In my case, being willing to turn on a dime and go where He calls is what my life looks like. God’s flexibility is something I have been learning since the summer. I rejoice in the circumstances that He has placed me in. Being able to travel doing missions while doing school and work at the same time, has been a blessing that not many people get the opportunity to do and I am beyond blessed to be a part of it.

This week, please pray for the continued growth in my kids musical abilities as they prepare for the Christmas concert. Additionally, please pray for my kids’ personal lives’ as well, they have some very real struggles that they have deal with and endure. As for me, please be praying that I will be able to balance everything that is asked of me. Doing school work, work work, and mission work all at the same time is a challenge and I need more hours in the day, but I know that God is going to “slow the clock” and allow me to work diligently as I strive to serve Him.

4 thoughts on “Surprise!!”

  1. So excited for you, girly!!! Isn’t God the best? He gave you the desire of your heart: to go back to England! Your journey of trusting him blindly is encouraging me to want to keep blindly following him. Thank you for sharing. Stay safe. I love you so much tall buddy!!!


  2. Gracie sent us this post. It is exciting to know you are back in England- wish I could be with you! Even though we only met you for a few hours, it was a pleasure hosting you and Gracie .We will have you in our prayers as God leads you in his direction. Mike and Johnnie Sue Bucek. Arlington Texas


  3. Wow….I didn’t even have a chance to see you….but I see that God is using you for much bigger things!!! Great job listening to the Holy Spirit and being still. You are mature beyond your years. Love you sister!!


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