One Week In

Well I have officially been gone from Houston for one week, and let me tell you it has been a wild ride. From carrying three pieces of luggage on the tube, up stairs, through busy crowds, and on a train to piano lessons with nine sweet students, the whole experience has been one big learning curve. Before I go into too much detail, I want to stop and tell you about this weeks tale of Emily “adulting.”

I was in bed finishing some homework when out of the corner of my eye I spot something crawling across the floor. My heart dropped as I saw one of the biggest spiders I have ever seen (about four American quarters worth of hairy nastiness). After two failed attempts to kill it by throwing a shoe at it, the spider retreated behind the dresser. Well I  was NOT about to go bed while there is a spider in the room that could eat my face while I was asleep and there is no way I could move the five-drawer antique dresser to get the spider out. So I began a 45 minute wait for the spider to come back out into the open. When it finally did it took me three times to hit it with a shoe, but after that initial blow I smashed that spider so many times it will probably be forever ingrained in my shoe. I’m growing up y’all! I can kill bugs (kinda)!

This week has been so exhausting on so many levels. Emotionally I am tired because I have met so many people that already knew me (because of my very excited Aunt and Uncle ) but I had no idea who they are! There have been so many people so excited to see me it is almost overwhelming! In addition to meeting new people, I have begun teaching nine students how to play the piano. Who knew this would be a challenge for me! Finding ways to explain how to read music, put your fingers on the keys, count, and play has been very challenging for someone who just knows how to do it. (Words Emily! Use your words). I now have a new perspective because teaching music causes you to learn it in many different ways depending on how the child understands it. It is a whole new side of music that I have never seen before. Another aspect of my tiredness comes from public transportation. I have never been in a place where you can jump on a bus or train and get to church or to work… or really anywhere. Learning all the routes and how to use a pop card and what stations to get off at has been physically exhausting.

While I am emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted, I am spiritually bursting with energy! I am so excited to see how God has used me already in the first week of my journey. I am surrounded by some of the most joyful people I have met. With sixteen different nationalities represented at the church I am teaching at, I have been surrounded by the love of Christ from all over the world. God has shown me this week that the road with him will not always be easy, but as I learned in church today “faith that cannot be tested cannot be trusted” and even though it may be hard, God will provide.

As I get ready to head into the next week of hard work, I look forward to giving my first guitar lesson tomorrow afternoon. (Many prayers can be used for this since I have only been playing guitar for a few weeks). Additionally I have lots of piano lessons scheduled since this is the last week before the students go back to school and they will have less time for music lessons after this week. I will also be leading worship again next Sunday in Church (prayers for this are also important because in today’s worship I did not do the greatest job playing the hymns on the piano).

Well friends, as I say goodbye for now let me leave you with my saying for the week: Long live the Queen, but death to the arachnids.

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