The Beginnings

Anxiously Awating

God is teaching me how to be patient. While I want to hop on the next flight to Croatia, I am waiting for the Lord to prepare my heart and the places I will be. Since I have stepped on the path of becoming a full time missionary, God has put every piece together before me. The first piece that God revealed, allowed me to enroll in a school to get an online degree in global ministry (which I never would have found without a nudge from the Holy Spirit and a conversation with a close friend). The next piece that God is giving me is the opportunity to spend a month in the United Kingdom with my family who are missionaries there. In my time in the UK I will be learning how to do youth ministry and music ministry, both of which are primary interests of mine when it comes to Croatia. To my parents, the changes that have taken place in my life seem startling. Honestly, they are startling. Never would I have imagined that I would be going to college online in another country while serving the Lord (all at the same time!). While these decisions are being made quickly and seem sudden, I have full faith that they are the right decision. Normally making quick-thought decisions would make me overwhelmed and stressed, however this is different. I feel an overwhelming sense of peace as I am making life-changing decisions. Only the Lord can give me this kind of peace. While he is working out his plan I am preparing to take the next step. I am so excited to visit my Uncle and Aunt in the UK and am so excited to see what God is going to teach me there. Please pray that God will continue to give me and my family peace as we move through this process. Furthermore please pray that I will continue to seek the Lord for guidance and not rely on myself. Thank you for all the love, support, and prayers.


1 thought on “Anxiously Awating”

  1. Dearest Emily,
    Blessings on your decision. It is a courageous person who walks the road less traveled. The world needs more people like you who will walk in faith and spread the gospel. God has called you and you have listened. March on to the beat of your own drum and my prayers for your travels.
    Love, Ms. Jean
    P.S. I have a card and gift for your graduation.


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