The Beginnings

A Leap of Faith

At 18 years old, the pressure to figure out your future becomes a prevalent stress as people expect you to grow up, go to college, get a job, and make money. This expectation that people have, caused me to take a step back to listen to what the Lord is calling me to do in the future. As I listened, people told me to find colleges to apply to and to find the college that would best suit me. Applying for college seemed like the natural thing to do for people my age, but God had another plan for my life. It took awhile for him to reveal his plan for my life (so much time that I was enrolled in college, had a roommate, and had a class schedule). But three weeks before I was scheduled to move away to Arizona, I went back to Sisak, Croatia on my second mission trip. On this trip, God taught me how to be flexible by giving me challenges that He helped me overcome. He revealed to me the power of following His plan. Right now, pursuing His plan means leaving my college plans behind and begin preparing to move to Croatia where I will teach the youth about the Lord. Sometimes changing your plans can be an emotional challenge, however as I embark on the Journey to the Lord I have no emotions except overwhelming joy and peace. I feel confident that I will be learning a lot from this experience, and therefore I am committed to writing it down and sharing it with others. As I take a leap of faith, in desperate commitment to following his plan, I ask that you pray the details of the journey will continue to be revealed. Pray that I am able to get to Croatia as quickly as possible while still moving within His timing.

3 thoughts on “A Leap of Faith”

  1. Thank you for opening your heart wide, Emily… how beautiful it is! I can’t wait to see God’s plans unfold for this next chapter of your life! All My Love and Prayers!

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